Howdy, I'm Ryan Fox / flewkey.

I'm mostly a computer person, but I'm a violin person as well.

I've been interested in computers for as long as I can remember, since the time I got my Dad's old laptop.
I started messing with HTML when I was ~6 years old and made some batch scripts when I was 6-8 years old. I also did basic Arduino programming when I was 8, then started making applications in Python when I was 9.

Now I'm learning about compilers, emulators, Windows internals, kernels, bootloaders, etc.
At this point, I usually have more fun learning about computers than programming them.
My current goal is to get into reverse engineering and exploitation in a few years.

MIDI4LSDj Use your MIDI keyboard with BGB
SudoBrowse Heavily work-in-progress Sudomemo client

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nds-constrain't (A guide on using a great exploit)

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